The Destiny Book

Discover some of the many insights The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality offers you to improve your life's journey.

Our human family has never been more vulnerable, imperiled, and in need of evoking a uniting awareness than now. 

  • How about a timely rediscovery of the seminal cosmic blueprint that has shaped cultural identities and codified faith systems since the dawn of civilization? 
  • Which foundational force is synonymous with our universal quest for purpose?
  • And what is the metaphysical paradigm deeply ingrained in the human experience, from antiquity to modernity, forever transcending all boundaries?

Destiny. With a capital D.

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality by Helena Lind traces this enigmatic phenomenon from its origins across epochs, cultures, and theological traditions to unveil its enduring impact and necessity.

From ancient mythology to contemporary science, Destiny, fate, and related notions like karma, fortune, and determinism have set the tone for ethics, religions, and ideas of free will. 

Accessible yet sweeping in scope, The Destiny Book offers a fresh perspective on the history of this timeless idea and its lasting significance for the human spirit—while challenging hubris, complacency, and common wisdom. Helena Lind's book shows why uncounted millions of people worldwide say every day:

"It's Destiny."