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Another micro publication update I've just sent live on my Instagram @Destinosophy. The Destiny Book is getting ready for pre-order in late December 2023. ⁣ ⁣

Despite quite a few challenges and sadly necessary delays, The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality (Library of Congress Control Number: 2023914798) is now available for pre-order and will be published 2 February 2024. Publisher: Identity Publications in the United States of America.

For thousands of years, the concepts of Destiny, fate, and free will present an intriguing topic, especially when pictured through the sharp lens of philosophy, and even looking through the devoted viewer of religious thinking.

Destiny, fate, fortune and choice are important, eternal topics in yesterday's and today's world. We encounter them everywhere as the driving force behind mythologies, classic masterpieces, and many popular fantasy novels and movies.

My guest today is Tania Barrenetxea, the brilliant and highly unique visual artist, photographer and absolute Gesamtkunstwerk from Bilbao, Spain.

In today's interview, we feature an outstanding creative lady. Say hello! Gudrun Petersen—photojournalist and true humanitarian. For many years, we find her brilliant work in many European newspapers, magazines and online media. Gudrun is also a multiply published author of photo books.

The idea of a predetermined course of events is widely respected and seen as evident in the lives of a great part of the world's population.

The nature of humankind's struggle for meaning and our more or less heroic quests to change or fulfill Destiny has always been an intriguing part of the human life.

Did you know that your spirit comes with its very own compass? It points to the truth. No matter what you've been told or even been forced to accept and practice. Your spirit's compass is waiting for you to ask for its direction.

What, or in this case rather more appropriately, who is in charge of the melody of life? Who directs the unbending force that coordinates our journeys and defines our futures? Are we all chess pieces in an elaborate chess game? Is our every move pre-determined, predictable, and inconsiderate to our own wants and cravings?

Who controls our destinies? In the ever dynamic religious world, the answer to that question routinely fluctuates between designed by God—manipulated by man and orchestrated in entirety by God.

To be destined for greatness is an all too familiar phrase – it is used to describe the lives of certain individuals who, against all the odds, triumph in the game of life.

Let's talk about Destiny in ancient Greece, Rome, and Northern Europe. Woven into the Iliad and countless mythical tales were stories of the unbending forces of Destiny and her agents—pretty much everything from birth through life and death was dictated by it, and even the so-called lesser Gods were but loyal subjects to its power and workings.

The Real Diehl


Today, I welcome Gregory V. Diehl, bestselling author, world traveler and opinionator extraordinaire.

Last updated 25 March 2024