About Helena Lind

Helena Lind is an independent thinker, the author of The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality (2024, Identity Publications) and the creator of Destinosophy—her modern philosophy of a prosperous, partnering Human Destiny. 

The resilient producer-turned-writer's views flow from a wide spectrum of life experience, a serial overcoming of significant challenges, and decades of self-directed study. Lind writes about everything cosmic and human Destiny, necessity, fate, inevitability, karma, their notions of higher justice, as well as luck, purpose, determinism, free will, hubris, and much more.

Helena Lind is a very private person who lives and breathes transculturality, being Turkish-born but German-raised, while feeling most at home in the United Kingdom and beyond. Her life journey exemplifies a harmonious blend of several cultural identities. The international producer, creator and seriously free spirit enjoyed great ups, mastered every obstacle and survived scores of adversities in her unconventional life. 

Watch out for Helena Lind's next book (coming 2025).

Lind feels fortunate to continuously develop along her personal set of values while empowering others and always doing what is necessary.

Helena Lind writes Destiny with a capital D, like a proper noun.

Find out why she capitalizes Destiny in her book. And she created Destinosophy—a living philosophy based on ancient and modern wisdom and the many aspects of the principles of Destiny.

In her non-fiction publication, The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality, she invites the reader on a sweeping journey from Antiquity to Modernity, from the mythical origins to today's magnetic popularity of the teleological force of Destiny—the leading principle in the universe said to direct mortals and Gods alike.

The Destiny Book presents an engaging history and status of the ongoing relationship between humanity and the dark horse of spiritual phenomena.

We are living through an age of rapid existential trials and and eroding paradigms of unknown and, if we're not getting wiser, unmanageable proportions. Since Human Destiny is at the forefront of the future agenda, it is high time to get up and close with its genesis and significance.

Is Destiny even real?

Well, there must be a reason why way over 50% of the world population, if not a lot more, cherish a connection with the philosophical or religious varieties of Destiny and associated concepts such as moira, fatum, kismet, tian ming, karma, good fortune, yuan fen, divine providence, al-qadr, predestination, hukam, ming, kami, and avoš.

Why is Helena Lind writing about all things Destiny?

Lind specializes in all things Destiny, fate, the laws of the universe and their significance for our modern world and humanity's future. She created her first non-fiction publication The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality through the precision cut lens of her unique perspective on the many cultural and historical facets of Destiny–the original apex of all faiths and philosophies. Did you know that the ancient notion of a universally guiding supra power, namely the first teleological concept we call Destiny once kindled global spirituality, including the very faith systems that are with us today? A substantial part of humanity of all walks of life, beliefs and philosophies continue to relate to the perennial principles of Destiny today. 

The concept of Destiny continues to be highly significant to us for thousands of years already.

Ever since its inception, the original metaphysical phenomenon is a persisting major entity answering humanity's desire for order and meaning. Destiny and its related maxims continue to play a leading role in our lives all over the world. We might not always think about or know what exactly Destiny comprises, but we can be sure that it is there.

Destiny is everywhere and of impressive modern relevance

And since there is so much to discover about the ancient supra force, its origins, history and its enduring importance across all cultures, it is time to update our awareness.

That's why Helena Lind writes about Destiny—with a capital D—and all connected realms. And then some.

Last updated 25 March 2024

The Destiny Book by Helena Lind: simply all you need to know about the original metaphysical super power in the universe. If you like to find out what The Destiny Book has to offer, please read A Teaser to my Book on Destiny and Dive into the Pages of The Destiny Book