Dive into the Pages of The Destiny Book


By Helena Lind

Here's a more in-depth glance at my first nonfiction publication The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality. Are you looking for a modern, spiritual, and philosophical take on how to better understand and overcome life challenges through a liberating perspective? 

Well, you've just found it. 

All you need to know about the world's most influential phenomenon is right here. And yes, it's absolutely meant to be.

If you already believe in Destiny like so many, many millions of people worldwide, you'll find an unexpected depth of knowledge in my book to empower you. But you are also in the right place if you are a skeptic, if you think everything happens just by using your own devices or chance, or that your life has no vital direction, or that you are not finding that one loves to embrace a truly shared path ahead of you instead of imagining yet another empty, pseudo-romantic notion. The Destiny Book offers plenty of thoroughly investigated facts established through accessible research and a light touch interdisciplinary approach. Furthermore, you'll find a lot of investigative facts throughout the book, a cultural miscellany, many endnotes, a bibliography and even more sources and links in its back matter.

Think of Destiny as the cosmic blueprint that has inspired and shaped cultural identities, codified faiths, and transcended all boundaries. 

It is intertwined with our universal quest for meaning and purpose. Have you ever wondered how, throughout history and across civilizations, people have always searched for a way to find order in chaos, make sense of life's surprises, and look for a balance in the world and within themselves?

If so, you have just come across the one book that explores the many facets of the principle of Destiny — the powerful force that becomes without negating your important purpose in how your life pans out. Brimming with information, The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality will show you how important you are to the grand plan of existence.

During our encounters with historical, philosophical, and religious concepts, you'll also get an up to date idea of the seemingly eternal debate whether Destiny or free will direct the human show alone. Are these polar ideas even compatible? Within, but definitely far beyond, the confines of religion, an overwhelmingly large majority of people have always believed that there is something larger than themselves—something that influences their spiritual journey and the progression of the cosmos.

In The Destiny Book I reveal how the idea of this unifying force goes beyond anyone's individual life path.

We will talk about many forms of beliefs on mythological and scientifically backed interpretations of life. Destiny, often also called fate, is a formative spiritual phenomenon so ancient and far-reaching that no culture, belief system, or philosophy can claim or contain it. Get ready to immerse yourself in a comprehensive breakdown of the contents of The Destiny Book. Discover the reasons why I write about the eternal melody of the universe. I'll share with you what this cosmic paradigm means to humankind since time immemorial. Together, we'll determine the reasons for its ongoing significance in the modern world and, of course, for you, your friends, and your family.

We will embark on the quest that human beings have pursued across history, culture, and civilizations. Did you know that Destiny's principle says that are very much the captains of our own ships while instilling within us a powerful sense of what counts in life and a desire to reach for what we know to be true? The Destiny Book is a comprehensive foray in the realms of our undeniable cosmic life force, even though I say it myself. 

Consider it the official biography of our prime cosmic energy, and find out what various religions, cultures, and thinkers have to say about it. We'll reveal how its importance to our human family has stood the test of time, all while remaining open to different ways of thinking. And you'll find out why I write Destiny with a capital D and call it the Mother of Spirituality.

I am giving answers to many questions like:

What exactly is Destiny? 

What is its etymology, definition, and long-term significance of the human journey?

Why can no worldview or religion worth its salt exist without the golden thread woven by the Mother of Spirituality?

What are the nuanced differences between Destiny and fate?

Do we all have free will and endless possibilities? 

How does Destiny's principle impact the way we love and expect to be loved?

From Mesopotamia to Egypt, Greece, Rome, and far beyond, we'll meet the Goddesses and Gods fronting mythologies and religions and learn about their assignments as Destiny's stewards. Sense Destiny's hand in the comparison of many international theologies, philosophies and even non-belief systems—and why human beings have always felt the need to connect with supreme beings. Soon, you'll see how Destiny differs from karma, determinism, fortune, luck, serendipity, and other related concepts. There are many philosophical takes on the super force, from the Stoics to Nietzsche, and Aristotle to Jung, and embrace how, over time, different thought schools view the eternal debate between a designated path and a freely willed trajectory. 

Do we all have an individual Destiny?

To get closer to this important question we need to explore Destiny's cross-cultural, inter-spiritual omnipresence and its diverse interpretations across different philosophies and beliefs. It is important to respect all faith-based metaphors and thought worlds. The more you know about the history, mythology and spiritual meaning of human Destiny, the more you will begin to see the path before you. Harness the wisdom of influential thinkers and achievers and their thoughts on the often almost magical role of our grand plan. Because Destiny's seminal force has played a powerful part in politics, science, psychology, the arts, literature, music, politics, business, and many other human ventures. And it continues to do so. Big time.

But there's more.

We'll focus on the often romanticised concepts of soulmates, twin flames and we're going to look at powerful destined relationships. Destiny is a vital factor of how we create transformative synergies and why it may be a key reason for the way we perceive love and friendships. You can examine why the original concept of Destiny is far from negating your notions on how to achieve a meaningful life. Think of it as a personal beacon brightening your path or the inner voice that prompts you to listen to your intuition and innate wisdom.

Get ready for one of the most fascinating biographies of all time:

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality

The true story of the one and only Destiny

I hope to inspire you with the many facets of Destiny's profound significance and uniting quality for our increasingly complex and challenging existence. Stay tuned for a very detailed breakdown of all chapters and topics, which will be available soon here on helenalind.com.  Watch this space.

So, what is your Destiny?

By Helena Lind