A Teaser to my Book on Destiny

A Teaser to my Book on Destiny - The Destiny Book by Helena Lind
A Teaser to my Book on Destiny - The Destiny Book by Helena Lind

By Helena Lind

It is time for another stepping stone on the path to the publication of The Destiny Book. Today, we will take a brief look behind the curtain to discover a few of the many aspects covered in The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality.

We are traveling through an era wrought with uncertainty, where life is full of incalculable challenges and our world's tomorrow appears to hover as one great threat composed of looming environmental turmoil, health dangers, civil war, and global conflicts. And then there is the likelihood of poverty and inequality-driven mass migration plus the possibility of a brand new revolution.

Hence, many people experience one profound realization: human Destiny matters. We have so many nagging existential questions racing through our minds and media these days:

Can we keep going as we are or will we have to change our ways to make it into the next century, let alone the next millennium?

  • Will we experience a sudden cataclysmic event that brings down civilisation as we know it, or will our world simply slip into a bleak age before slowly rising again?
  • Will we endure as a species, or rather, which of us will get through?
  • What will stop the poor from getting poorer and the rich getting even richer?
  • Will the glut of bigots in power dismantle themselves, making way for better governments respecting human, social and economic rights?
  • Is a demise of laissez-faire capitalism and the end to the worship of the follies of concentrated wealth hoarders and nihilistic billionaire bandits dawning?
  • Is Covid and what will follow the catalyst for a review of the current world agenda?

What is the Destiny of the human species?

Will our children have lives worth living in a world on the brink, or are we falling for an organized doomsday scenario obscuring the reality of this earth?

To get closer to the roots of the above concerns and examine humanity's chances for a positive and united Destiny, my book is an invitation to travel back in time to when the principles of Destiny were said to have emerged from the ever-creative realms of Chaos.

In The Destiny Book, we'll discover what Destiny and fate mean, and why and how they are different. We visit Destiny's origins, mystery and history and explore how humanity has utilized this universal force over millennia, and how it impacted the way we feel, think and live even today. And we will find out how the philosophical wisdom of Destiny may apply to creating a harmonic future for ourselves and this planet.

What exactly is Destiny, then?

Destiny is an ancient power that rose thousands of years ago to enable people to sense reason, rhyme, rhythm and the melody of transcendence in their often harsh lives. It stood for the surety that humanity wasn't alone in a bleak echo chamber or left to the whims of often moody and jealous deities mortals created mostly after their own image, give or take a few.

The idea of an eternal plan is always attractive. Destiny established certainty, direction, stability and permanence, because all Gods have to answer to the invisible force guiding the world. And it is true even now that while deities wax and wane like the reflective moon, Destiny remains unmoved. We can best describe the ancient spiritual principle Destiny as the cosmic force of order elegantly engineering certain workings of the world since time immemorial.

Destiny has always been an independent agency and observer, focusing on our future, an everlasting destination. Imagine a string of light and dark pearls materializing from invisible hands, moment after moment of life enfolding as per a magnetic decree, sometimes spoken by voices divine, sometimes revealed by oracles, and always discussed by philosophers.

The leading concept of Destiny reaches beyond any deity and is, arguably, the mother, the ignition, the blueprint of all faiths.

In olden times, Destiny was personified in the guise of ancient mythological beings illuminating great civilizations. It is not surprising that we find direct reflections of Destiny borrowed by the Abrahamic religions to strengthen their patriarchal God.

But let us look at Karma for a moment: the mighty law of cause-and-effect echoes these maxims of the universe, and seems strongly connected with Destiny.

But Destiny and Karma are not the same, since Destiny does not emphasize a moral debt carried forward from the past. Instead, it offers fresh chances for new beginnings to a developing and learning spirit. No wonder that, just like Karma and Dharma, the ancient philosophy of Destiny never faded out of knowledge and modern preference.

The fun bit is that it was, is and always will be omnipresent, if we accept it or not. Over a multitude of years, different types of Destiny – and her classical sisters necessity, fate, fortune, etc. – arose all over the world.

Antiquity predominantly knew powerful Goddesses of Destiny, with one or the other male God sprinkled in for good measure. Greek philosophers revered advanced female emanations of Destiny; Heraclitus proclaimed Destiny is character, and the great Plato impressively interpreted the laws of Destiny.

When human free will was discovered and disputed, the laws of determinism rose in significance, too. Determinism continues to be both accepted and denied by clever minds to this day. 

The concept of Destiny forms the bedrock and top stone of humanity's right to and need for meaning. Destiny is far from being a superstition or an outdated spiritual folly. We will discover so much more in my upcoming book.

Think of The Destiny Book as your personal companion, taking you on a journey through this superpower's past and present, and who knows where else. My book is a light resource for understanding the spiritual and cultural history and relevance of the concepts of the dynamic continuum that is Destiny. It serves the reader as an accessible reference to the realms of Destiny and will lead effortlessly to my upcoming publications.

And, The Destiny Book functions as a precursor to my follow-up publications, and as a condensed easy-to-read resource. 

I enrich The Destiny Book with thought-provoking quotes and it will include plenty of knowledge-based resources. The Destiny Book covers a multitude of aspects on the grand topic, offering insight into how different cultures developed their ideas about life, Destiny, fate, fortune and many more incarnations of this enigmatic power through mythology, philosophy, theology, politics, love, literature, art, music, scriptures and many modern creations such as films, shows and even an interactive game.

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality also lets you in on how people have thought about life, hope, free will, and Destiny throughout time. I base this non-fiction book on the premise that, as the human family, our ideal purpose is to build a just, sustainable, sharing global society that is no longer rooted in class systems and the rule of those who have but should not be in charge because of their lack of empathy and humanity.

Why is Helena Lind writing about Destiny?

Because from Antiquity to Modernity, Destiny it is such a vital element for so many millions of people worldwide, including myself. Hence, I endeavor to promote a fresh awareness and updated perception of its metaphysical conceptions.

For thousands of years now, Destiny has been relevant to humanity: a persisting yet shrouded major entity to support humankind's desire for guidance and necessary change. 

Not for no reason there's no better rhyme to humanity than Destiny.

I am certain of the possibility we can grow into a global society, realizing our full purpose and potential on that stony path towards that long uphill tunnel ahead. To this day, Destiny plays a vivid role in the lives of very many people. We might not always know what exactly Destiny comprises, but we can be sure that it is there, whether we believe in it or not. It is everywhere. Inspirational, meaningful. challenging, romantic, heroic and comforting.

And that's why I write about Destiny.

Who is the audience for The Destiny Book?

Naturally, I write for all those who already, firmly or faintly, know that there is this power way beyond our own lives and want to discover more about its backstory and relevance. I also write for those who may not yet know that Destiny actually was and is a 'thing'.

And I create this book for the people who think that the concepts of Destiny are just a myth, or an oppressive notion that does not sit well with the human, ego-driven expectation of unlimited options and importance. It is exactly this myth of a dictatorial Destiny decreeing that we live our lives by a script entirely predetermined by this ominous power that is really much misunderstood and misconstrued.

Many people like to forget that we exist in a predominantly deterministic universe, and that we may have fewer options than we tell ourselves we should have. Which isn't a problem once we can understand the big picture. It is rather liberating to know where we come from and where we're at. 

By the way, the principles of Destiny do not depend on our faith in them because they are not religious.

However, the concepts of Destiny were and are so vital that they were adopted into popular religious systems, but kindly note that Destiny, including providence and much more, was, is and will always remain independent of any system, and that it is simply there, whether we believe in it.

Destiny is not self-centred. It does not require adulation, demands neither worship nor cult, and it accepts the existence of other spiritual agencies, since much of their power has been adopted from Destiny, anyway.

Destiny is all about humanity

Our paths are at its heart, because we all are living stories and feeling narratives that thrive under the eye of a pragmatic and benevolent editor-in-chief.

I compare Destiny to the ideal of true love, which focuses on the beloved, not the lover. And if that rare true love is unrequited, it stays unaltered without fulfillment or benefit. The happiness and well-being of the beloved is centre stage, even if the lover remains unheard and unseen. Hence, Destined Love is a major chapter in my book.

If you like to discover more about the connection of our finest emotions to the spiritual phenomenon of Destiny, please check out my story Love and Destiny.

What about free will?

There are those who presume that, like with determinism, Destiny and human freedom, would be mutually exclusive. Now, that is a myth. 

In my book, we shall find out why, and also where and when, the paths of humanity and Destiny meet. Being interested in Destiny has nothing to do with fatalism. Our own ideas, decisions and actions, in fact, contribute to who we become and what we can do with the time we have.

Everything works so much better in concert with the knowledge of what we really can be.

The ubiquity of Destiny

Look around you. The ancient metaphysical force of Destiny is as popular as ever today. Ever so many millions of people worldwide believe in the foreordaining ancient power. From the United States to the United Kingdom, people are keenly aware of this splendid force.

The popular concept of Karma–the law of cause and effect—albeit not strictly a similar conception, is a powerful relation of Destiny and the mainstay of Eastern spirituality as an important ethical doctrine.

The Destiny Book covers many different Destinies, their impact on us and more. My little compendium also outlines the history of Destiny throughout the ages, including ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, the Roman Empire, medieval Europe, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the 20th century, and lots more.

And we will explore how much free will, or how little, the human species commands. The Destiny Book is a unique yet light and modern overview of the significance of Destiny throughout the flow of time, exploring this tantalizing phenomenon from a liberating perspective.

Destiny is a gift bearing abilities we can apply to empower us to change the world into what it is meant to be – one life at a time.

Last updated 25 March 2024

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