Helena Lind's Publication Logbook

Update 17.07.2024

The Destiny Book has been assessed by Susan Morris of the Independent Book Review, published online 12.07. 2024. Read the full editorial review and discover a few highlights in this quick update.

Update 07.04.2024 

The Destiny Book by Helena Lind is on Goodreads.


'The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality' by Helena Lind Debuts

Monday, February 12th 2024, 4:32 PM CST

This new non-fiction book delves into the concept of destiny as a key for humanity's future Identity Publications are pleased to announce the official release of 'The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality,' which made its debut on February 2, 2024, in e-book and print format at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major book retailers. 'The Destiny Book' uses a gentle interdisciplinary approach to draw together references from history, philosophy, theology, and many cultures to explore the global relevance of Destiny. Lind signifies the importance of Destiny at the core of faith systems, politics, science, literature, art, love, and more, highlighting Destiny's powerful role in steering and uniting humanity.

Supporters and skeptics alike can find a lot of background information and meaning in this conversation-starter, which asserts that Destiny will continue to be a driving force in shaping the beliefs of people around the world as humans become even more interconnected as a consequence of globalization. "And yes, I capitalize Destiny to emphasize its profound connection to the human experience, forever transcending all boundaries," says Lind. Through her concise yet accessible approach, she poses questions and answers within the pages of 'The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality'.

Currently, 'The Destiny Book' is available on Amazon in more than a dozen countries around the world, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and other major book international retailers in both e-book and print format. Further information regarding Lind and 'The Destiny Book' can be found at and on Instagram @Destinosophy.

About: Helena Lind is a producer-turned-writer and creator of 'The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality' and Destinosophy, her philosophy of Human Destiny.

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Publication Update 29 January 2024

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality is now available from Barnes & Noble

Publication Update 21 December 2023

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality by Helena Lind is now on pre-order from all international Amazon platforms.

The official publication date is 2 February 2024.

Publication Update 11 November 2023

THE DESTINY BOOK: Rediscovering the Mother of Spiritualityby Helena Lind can be pre-ordered from Amazon as of late December 2023.

Foreword by Gregory V. Diehl.

THE DESTINY BOOK – publication update 3 August 2023

Helena has wrapped up The Destiny book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality and delivered it to Identity Publications for editing. We are now starting the process of designing the final cover.

The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality by Helena Lind

Publisher: Identity Publications, LLC

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023914798

"Identity Publications is thrilled to have signed creator and visionary Helena Lind to publish her first groundbreaking work The Destiny Book—a modern introduction to the history and reality of the world's foremost metaphysical superpower. We look forward to playing a vital part in bringing this important work to the forefront of reader awareness and spreading the message of discovering the principles of Destiny and their significance for humanity's future."      Source: Identity Publications statement, 2020

Last updated 25 March 2024