The Destiny Book Publication Update


By Helena Lind

Despite quite a few challenges and sadly necessary delays, The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality (Library of Congress Control Number: 2023914798) is now available for pre-order and will be published 2 February 2024. Publisher: Identity Publications in the United States of America.

Uncounted millions of people worldwide share one great transcendent awareness that surpasses all divides. They believe in the many fascinating facets of Destiny, though each culture may call this phenomenon by a different name. Whatever the local moniker or later system that adopted its powers, the source remains the same.

There is just one Destiny. Always was, always will be.
Helena Lind

That is why I created Destinosophy–my philosophy of a peaceful, prosperous, collective Human Destiny–and wrote my sophomore non-fiction book revealing everything we need to know about Destiny's origins, history, and influence on humanity. The Destiny Book traces this enigmatic phenomenon across faiths, cultures and eras to unveil Destiny's profound, enduring impact on us.

Let me ask and answer three important questions:

  • What force has shaped civilizations, guided the creation of faiths, and driven human purpose across millennia?
  • Which timeless phenomenon connects us to the very mysteries of existence ver since our ancestors began to ask "why?"
  • And what cosmic blueprint is so implanted in our shared consciousness that it continues to define our path forward today?


But what is this ancient, seminal concept at the heart of our history precisely, and what does its extraordinary legacy and metaphysical gravity truly mean for our modern world and future?

The Destiny Book is here to tell you all you need to know.

First book description, fresh from Identity Publications' desk:

"The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality by Helena Lind takes readers on an entertaining and enlightening journey to the origins and influential role of Destiny (with a capital D) throughout the ages.

Combining insights from mythology, history, philosophy, religion, science, psychology, and the arts, Lind makes a compelling case for Destiny as the driving metaphysical concept that has inspired and shaped international spirituality, and whole civilizations.

She argues that only a proactively shared human Destiny is key to finding purpose, fulfilling potential, and achieving collective success. By tracing this storied concept across cultures and eras, Lind reveals how beliefs about Destiny, fate, and related concepts like fortune and karma set the stage for the creation of organized faiths, ethics, and ideas of free will.

Ultimately, Lind challenges the often complacent contemporary ego and conventional wisdom as she presents Destiny as the timeless phenomenon connecting us to the factualities and deeper mysteries of existence. Well-researched and accessibly written for today's audience, The Destiny Book provides a blueprint for comprehending Destiny's profound impact on the human experience.

Lind's paradigm-shifting examination of ancient and modern Destiny offers a fresh perspective on spirituality, identity, and our future place in the cosmos. The Destiny Book by Helena Lind makes clear why so many millions of people worldwide feel, think, and say every day:

"It's Destiny."

Last updated 25 March 2024

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