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By Helena Lind

As already announced in my previous article, I'm giving everyone free access to a comprehensive overview of all the topics and chapters in The Destiny Book. You'll find the index with summaries as well as the bibliography in my website's menu under The Destiny Book.

The Destiny Book's international eBook/Kindle version shall remain at its current nano introductory price. Why? Because I'm determined to enable readers from all over the world to get acquainted with my compendium to our cosmic and personal Destiny or fate.

I am so grateful for The Destiny Book's positive reception and readers' reviews from the United States, India, the UK, Germany and even more countries, not just on Amazon but also on Goodreads.

Right now, I'm working on the next book and on turning / into the Internet's top resource, if not the information hub, on everything we need to know about meaningful human and spiritual Destiny.

I'm certain that Destiny's time-honored, all-encompassing wisdom benefits many readers as it addresses almost all our aspirations and requirements without dogma or exclusion. And yes, that's a substantial task, but I'm afraid it's so very necessary that someone ought to deal with it.

Now, thanks again and please watch this space. I'll be back soon with lots more background information.

By Helena Lind

Updated 8 May 2024.