The Art of Tania Barrenetxea
4 min read

Destinosophy's Helena Lind interviews Tania Barrenetxea, the acclaimed visual artist from Bilbao. And a legend of destiny, interpreted anew.

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How to Capture the Ephemeral
5 min read

Helena Lind in conversation with intuitive photojournalist and humanitarian Gudrun Petersen during the premiere of her ‘Broken Flowers’ art exhibition.

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Eric Zartan - Meister of Life and Amazon
6 min read

Helena Lind interviews writer and infopreneur Eric Zartan on life, books, Destiny, and then some.

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The Real Diehl
8 min read

Helena Lind in conversation with bestselling author Gregory V. Diehl, opinionated cat lover and world traveler.

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