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Thank you for visiting the online presence of Helena Lind, author of The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality and Destinosophy. Discover her work on this universal metaphysical phenomenon of order in the universe and its fundamental, seminal role across all cultures. Through the unique lens of her books and articles, Helena provides liberating insights on the history and modern relevance of Destiny, fate, karma, luck, and more. Explore how the significance of these spiritual concepts can positively impact your best future.

Is this Humanity's Future?

Do we really want to let this happen? Well, my answer is NO.

In the article What's the Destiny of our World we'll explore the options for humanity's Destiny and the future of our world.  And yes, I am highlighting the the absolute, non-negotiable need for unity and peace-focused action, and I present potential global directions. Let's check whether a realistic approach on a sustainable and positive future of our species is achievable.

Have you ever considered that diamonds actually matter for humanitarian reasons? Our love affair with diamonds is ongoing since arguably over 2500 years now. These stones, coveted for exceptional durability, brilliance and symbolic significance, are hard to match. But times are changing. My article looks at the dilemma and trajectory of traditional...

Indeed, I brand Destiny the Mother of Spirituality because a long time ago, humanity embraced the principle of Destiny across almost all civilizations because it replaced chaos with order, gifted us significance, direction, purpose, and transcendence, and inspired great faith systems with its maternal providence.

What exactly is Destiny?

And why do we need to learn more about this universal and highly human notion?

Well, Destiny, also called fate, is the most impressive multicultural, originally non-religious principle represented by cosmic powers, natural laws, and theological personifications. Anchoring almost all cultures, varied concepts of this ancient force remain deeply ingrained in our awareness. The Destiny Book: Rediscovering the Mother of Spirituality addresses all questions about the most formidable force in the universe. Join author Helena Lind on her quest across history, religion, civilizations and many more fields of knowledge. Read the fascinating biography of the fountainhead that inspired our philosophies and faiths. Learn everything you need to know about humanity's favored superpower and it's impact on our individual and collective destinies.

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The Destiny Book offers you everything you need to know about Destiny's both formative and transformative significance. Explore the ancient meaning and wisdom of this inspirational showrunner's power. Enjoy the many facets of the universe's first force.