It is Time for a Rediscovery

Why am I writing about Destiny?

Did you know that Ancient Destiny, the first teleological concept, once kindled global spirituality?

A substantial part of humanity of all walks of life, beliefs and philosophies continue to relate to the principles of Destiny today. 

The concepts of Destiny continue to be highly significant to us for thousands of years already. 

Ever since its inception, the original metaphysical phenomenon is a persisting major entity answering humanity’s desire for guidance and meaning.

Destiny and its related maxims continue to play a leading role in our lives all over the world.

We might not always think about or know what exactly Destiny comprises, but we can be sure that it is there. 

Because Destiny is everywhere and of impressive relevance.

And since there is so much to discover about the ancient super force, its origins, history and its enduring importance across all cultures, it is time to update our awareness.

And that’s why I write about Destiny and all the connected realms.

And then some.

The Destiny Book by Helena Lind: simply all you need to know about the original metaphysical super power.

If you like to find out what The Destiny Book has to offer, please read A Teaser to my Book on Destiny.