A modern perspective on Destiny

Destinosophy is a standalone, practical philosophical concept rediscovering the ancient principles of Destiny for universal modern relation.

Timeless wisdom meets spiritual independence, reloaded with transformative insight, vision, and freedom from dogma.

Many names were given by many bygone civilizations to one universal concept, a concept that once carried each person through life, a concept we today call Destiny.  

Destiny, the mother of all faiths, continues to be a major guiding idea of the human experience. And ever so many of us living today recognize this necessary relevance. 

It is a fact, that millions and millions of people all over the world and from all cultures hold some kind of belief in variations of the concept of Destiny.  

Helena Lind writes about all things Destiny 

She created Destinosophy with the transformative purpose of a rediscovery of the first, fairest yet fiercest invisible force in the cosmos, connecting ancient philosophy with modern day conditions, refracted through Lind’s unique lens of remarkable personal experience.

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The innate awareness, if not knowledge of the independent powers of Destiny, dates back to uncounted great ancient cultures. 

Related varieties of this intrepid natural concept still flourish all over the world. 

It is time to focus on our collective human Destiny. 

And it is high time to look for our very own personal Destiny and that of those we love and cherish, in order to be ready for what lies ahead.

Let’s listen to the guiding voice inside ourselves instead of following the expectations that arise from all forms of dogma. 

Let’s make best use of the tailwinds reserved for those that dare to ask and go forward.

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