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06 Mar

So, it’s a dog eat dog world. At least, that’s what we’re often told. Is it always true? This is Mario’s story. He was young at the time and didn’t understand much. In fact, it’s something that didn’t really make sense until he managed to get his first job. Now, it wasn’t anything fancy. Mario worked ten hours a day pulling weeds by hand, feeding cattle, and painting fences. 

Boy, tough. 

But Mario was proud of that job. It was his. He was finally able to help contribute towards the family finances and could get something from the corner store without first begging his mother for some spare change. 

He didn’t realize until much later that he was about to enter that dog eat dog world. He told me, that it was his experience as an e-commerce fast fashion entrepreneur, that taught him the true meaning of that sentence. 

Not that he was really that interested in that field, he did it, because it seemed to be the done thing. And it never felt really right, and Mario never seemed cool with various, often unethical demands. In the end, his minority business partner pushed him out of his own startup and robbed him of everything that Mario had put in. 

Some people are mean. Too many, actually. They’re only out for themselves, and to further their place in the pyramid of career and business positions. 

Mario felt like the Chihuahua and they were the German Shepherds, trained to fight anything smaller than themselves. 

In business, you often need to fight for your position 

You quickly comprehend that you need to take advantage of others, put down those who are beneath you, and sacrifice, not just anything, but everything

And so, if you’re a nice person – or rather, if you’re a good person – there’s no room for you in that arena, no room for you on that ladder to the top. 

Mario never succeeded in that kind of business. He is too kind-hearted, too eager to give. He has a conscience. I’m sure there are plenty out there like him, who refuse to take advantage of others or push someone down to get that extra step ahead. 

I’m sure that one of them is reading this article right now. Why, hello there. 

It’s a dog eat dog world – but it doesn’t have to be. Absolutely not. You might never make it as the leader of a cool corporate business. But is that what you really want to be, anyway? 

How about setting out on your own two feet. Look for a way, not just to survive and pay your bills, but to revolutionize what we in modern society consider to be the typical business status. 

Find a foothold in a sector that you’re truly interested in, and then turn it on its head. 

Mario did exactly that 

He failed in the corporate world to excel as the founder of a company that sources things that people with health challenges need. He is making a great difference in the world every day. He is successful. As a human being, and, as an entrepreneur. 

It’s never easy, that much I can tell you. In fact, it’s going to be hard as anything else you’ve faced in your life. People are still going to try and get ahead of you. 

They’re still going to try and take advantage of you. The challenge comes, not in getting back at them, but in going on with your life and plans. 

You can win at life and at business, simply by not letting those users change your views on the world. 

Keep giving, keep loving, keep moving forward – your wallet might never overflow quickly, but your Destiny will be far richer for it, especially in retrospective. 

It may be a dog eat dog world. So why not be a cat and climb the tree? Escape the cycle, don’t keep feeding into it. 

Like an Agent of Destiny