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23 Feb

It’s the last leg in your physical journey

No matter what religious belief you might take part in. There’s something about the sheer uncertainty of it that can make your heart pound in your chest, frantically trying to get free. 

It’s been the basis of countless bogeyman stories in the past, from the Jersey Devil of America to the Yara Ma Yha Who of Australian Aboriginal folklore. 

Now, in modern times, there are countless horror films that are trying to cash in on these fears. 

They prey on the fact that a fear of death is such a common thing, using it to their advantage to help line their pockets. 

They don’t just create new monsters – they take the beliefs and fears of countless people and put them up on the big screen. How many shadows can stretch over the land? How many faces can modern media make you see in them? 

Death lurks around the corner, and the world around us is trying to both monetize it and demonize it. The problem is that this isn’t some old legend they’re twisting up with their make-up and special effects. 

It’s a real fate, and it’s one that every last human on the planet will end up facing.

So, the struggle then becomes

How do we get on top of this fear? Can we get on top of it at all? Do we have to get on top of it? 

With there being no way around that inevitable end, the only option there seems to be is trying to push away the fear and come to terms with the end of life as we experience it here and now. 

There’s no amount of research, no science that can effectively quell those fears. 

Religion, to some, offers some form of relief and comfort. To others, it merely aggravates the idea and makes it that much more difficult to face. 

I suppose that there is no one answer to this question. Each person must simply set aside the time to reflect on their fate, trying to find what aspects of the afterlife might give them some semblance of certainty. 

Perhaps it’s the fact that you’re going to see long lost loves and family members? 

Perhaps it’s the idea of no longer having to face the harshness of the world that we currently live in? 

Perhaps it’s the idea of peace after all? 

Or, maybe it’s just the fact that, unlike everything else in life, death is one thing that cannot change. 

No matter how you play your role, in reality, it will be there waiting for you, with arms wide open like a long lost friend seeking to embrace and protect you. 

That’s a fate everyone must come to face, and the fact that no one can escape it and it’s not your burden alone to bear can be a very comforting thought. 

Of course, making sure that you live your life to the fullest and best can also help ease your spirit when thoughts of the end begin to creep in. 

Live your Destiny – try not to face the mere interlude of dying with regrets and worries weighing down your shoulders. 

And don’t you worry. Destiny loves you. Here, now and beyond.