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28 Sep

Just checking in with a brief status update and look ahead as to what is happening in the spheres of the living philosophy of modern Destiny. My expansive work on The Destiny Book (working title) is progressing ever so well. It was right to insist on my liberty to devote much more and necessary time to this first book of mine. 

And what is next? 

Soon, I will post a roadmap and selected excerpts from The Destiny Book on Destinosophy—The Wisdom of Destiny

What about free will? 

Among ever so many other facets of this great gem of a topic, my book also looks at the question of Destiny versus free will - but not in the way you might expect. 

The book will also explore many fresh angles while it addresses several questions that preoccupied humankind for millennia, but in a light and modern way. 

Will The Destiny Book talk about the future? 

Yes, for instance, we will find out how both the foremost force and human freedom can be relevant. Because this concerted special agency specifically offers us the power to alter our ways and enable a positive future to unfold. Considering what is in store for our home planet, we simply have to pull out all those far too many stops, and move, if not kick in place the goalposts that hinder change. Humanity has to, and can, act courageously before all that’s left is the futile rearrangement of Titanic deckchairs. 

Not in anticipation of the true Destiny of humanity, but bowing to a self-inflicted fate.