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09 Feb

Every day provides us with another lesson to master

We’re constantly evaluating what we know, what we do, and what we think about the world around us. It’s not something that can be helped. 

Our world is vast, and we see new aspects of it with each passing day. It’s only natural that how we view those things change when we’re given either a new perspective or another tidbit of information on the subject. 

It’s only natural that we expand that rationalization to our spiritual views. 

Humans, as a race, are naturally curious. We’re constantly testing boundaries, looking for answers and trying to carve out a more secure place to call our own. 

When it comes to spirituality, that can be a bit trickier. A lot of people say that it’s not acceptable. 

They claim that evolution is the only natural progression – that by testing boundaries, we’re really started down a path that will completely change our present views. 

Those people may just shy away from change, and they may just shy away from evaluating their stance in life. 

That results in a lot of missed opportunities. Change might not be necessary, but it’s imperative that we don’t turn a blind eye to the options that each new day provides us with. Just like the changing seasons, we need to make sure that we’re furthering our connections with our destinies and the spiritual realm and leaving ourselves open to the gentle prompting. 

A boat will sink if it ignores the changing tides. A bird will never migrate if it doesn’t listen to the subtle changes in the world around it. 

Humans won’t be able to progress in life if we don’t at least acknowledge that we’re standing on a planet that’s filled with constantly changing variables. 

Spiritual evaluations are a must, even if you aren’t interested in a spiritual evolution. 

Sometimes, a subtle change in demeanor or thought process is enough to carry us through to the next day – at which point we must again take stock of the world around us, and make sure that our connections to the spiritual world are still open to their widest extent. 

We shouldn’t afford to let ourselves get stuck in a spiritual rut. So listen, look, and evaluate with every new piece of information that you’re given. Keep your eyes, and your mind, open. 

That’s what Agents of Destiny do.