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08 Feb

Self Discovery – is it a blessing, a pain, or both?

One thing that we cannot learn too early in life is that it’s not easy. Living, that is. We are born into a society of countless views and rules, and we are born into a family with thoughts and expectations of their own. 

Now, the problem with this is that, often, those views are likely to be pressed into our young and easily influenced minds. 

This does not seem so bad when we’re little but can turn into quite an ordeal once we’ve woken up from what’s commonly known as childhood. 

Then begins our very own age of discovery. This differs from person to person. Some reach this point even before their teenage years, while others aren’t privy to being part of it until they’re much older. A select few never reach it at all. 

Most don’t know what it is, what it’s about, or how to get through it. 

No matter what’s your age when you reach this point, I guarantee that you’re going to start remembering lessons and sayings from when you were younger. 

Life is hard

Figuring out who you are? That’s even more difficult. 

But exactly that will make your life so much easier, and your heart so much lighter. Taking stock of who you are and what you believe isn’t going to be easy. In fact, at times, you’re going to wonder if it’s worth it. People will question you. 

They might even look down on you. Your family will wonder about what happened to the child they knew. Your friends may think it’s strange. 

But the peace that you gain at the end of this trial will be worth it. Oh, it will be worth it. To rise in the morning, look at the pink streaked sky, and know, this will be a good day. 

This will be my day. To take a powerful breath and know that you’re no longer wondering who you are. 

Isn’t that worth the pain? Isn’t that a blessing of a magnitude worth all the research, the self-doubt, the questioning looks, and the questions and answers that you might not have known you were missing? 

I think so. Many others think so, too. We can’t make the journey for you but, here at Destinosophy, we strive to make it easier by providing you with reassuring thoughts and inspiration to help give you a direction to walk in. 

Open up your eyes. It’s a brand new day outside. Aren’t you ready to be able to really see it? 

Are you an Agent of Destiny?