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14 Apr

Can you feel too much?

The answer is yes. That’s it. It’s that simple. You can feel too much. But in what way? 

As in empathy? Or as in melancholy?

It’s sometimes called being highly empathic. Some people liken it to being able to see the aura of other people and to be able to see their emotion take a physical form. Others argue that very idea could be a symptom of Synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon that causes two senses to be highly intertwined with each other.

In a more pure definition of the term, being empathic can also be traced back to being highly empathetic. This means that you can easily share the feelings of other people, whether you want to or not.

It can be the cause of genuine sadness, sympathetic criers, righteous anger, and glee for something that really has nothing to do with you.It can be a good thing. 

You’re more likely to understand what will or won’t hurt someone’s feeling. 

You can pick your words much more comfortable, and some even claim that their empathy towards others leads them to be a better public speaker and more respectable in the eyes of others.

Sometimes, empathy can feel like an affliction.

Emotions can be hard to deal with, even when they belong to you. To be so focused on how other people are feeling can make you feel like you’re drowning. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the wants and needs of the world and to find yourself feeling almost lost.

Depressed, even.

Are those your own thoughts? 

Have you been swept off by the concerns you hold for other people? 

It can be hard to disentangle them from each other, and it can be harder yet to figure out if you even want to. The key to handling your empathetic nature is finding a balance. Don’t brush off others or be uncaring towards them, not even to protect yourself. Instead, try not to let their thoughts and needs overwhelm you.

Don't let them get to you.

Practice how to close yourself off from the emotions of others, even if only for a few minutes. 

Try to learn how to take in deep breaths and school yourself, building up a while between your psyche and the emotions running rampant through the world.

And, most importantly, take your own inner voice serious. Yes, the one that genuinely cares about you, the one that often goes unheard, because you are so busy sensing the woes of those around you.

Listen to the truth from within in the likely case that even you, the beacon, should feel wholly overrun and unsure of where-to-go next. 

You might be surprised at the answers given when Destiny speaks.