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02 Dec

But do you dare? No matter how far in life we come, there will always be someone that’s trying to disrupt the flow and alter things to better fit their often jaded views.It comes in the form of racism, sexism, stereotypes, xenophobia, bigotry, and prejudice. These ill-fitting beliefs inhabit the minds of the rich, the poor, the young, and the old.

We’ve seen good revolutions in the past. 

They have all been started by someone determined to stand up against these most biased assaults on humanity. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and Mary McLeod Bethune are just a few of the most well known civil rights activists and Agents of Destiny.

There are others, of course. Unsung heroes step up every day, not looking for fame, but seeking to help change the world for the better. It’s the store that allows transgender men and women to use the bathroom fitting their gender, and the police chief who firmly states that, yes, Black Lives do matter, even as the rest of his men revolt against the idea of the movement.

Go even deeper.

It’s the person who sees a woman of the Muslim religion being hassled in the street and steps in, telling the hasslers off. It’s the high school student who forms a protest against forced outings of other students who happen to be different. 

Every day, people are stepping up and shouting this is wrong, this is not how life should be, this is not how we should be treated. 

Here's the hard truth of the matter: there are not enough voices speaking out. 

Are you brave enough to fight for change?

How? Look up information online. Start by being well informed on the matter. Know the in’s and the outs of the situation, and of how it’s being treated in the areas near you locally. If you’re happy with the organizations around you, then send a message. 

See how best to get involved – do they do protests? 

Is there a shelter that they support, for teens who are not safe in their own home?

Raise up your voice and speak out; hold out your hands and offer help; take the stand that you previously only hoped other people would.

All humans deserve the same rights and respect. 

You can change the world by helping others demand exactly that. 

Time for the Agency of Destiny.