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14 Dec

Be the ocean, not a pebble. Sounds grand, right? So symbolic. Kinda special. A bit like super hero material. 

But maybe it’s not much fun?

And here’s why I'm

  • not saying it’s going to be easy.
  • not saying it’s gonna go smoothly.
  • not saying that you won’t struggle. 
  • not saying you won’t be tempted.
  • not saying you will find absolute happiness.
  • not saying you will get rich.
  • not saying you will encounter serendipity.
  • not saying that you’ll be loved.

What I am saying though is, nevertheless, go be the ocean, not a pebble. 

Never be a pebble. 

Withstand to be rolled around. Refuse to accept where you were placed to just get polished until your unique features are flattened and until the real you becomes oblivious.

Instead, be a living power for change.

Be an Agent of Destiny