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07 Feb

A few starter questions to ask a possible Agent of Destiny: 

  • Are you experiencing a tough time? 
  • Feeling surrounded by cruelty and injustice? 
  • And are you getting increasingly tired of seeing the wrong ones succeed? 

We live in a world of rapid, forceful change and more often than not this change is to the detriment of innocent, often deserving and good people. And that happens constantly whilst the bastards seem to thrive. 

You ask yourself: where is the justice in this? 

I am an honest person with the best intentions. 

I work hard. I am responsible. 

Why am I neither rich nor famous? 

Why do I struggle? 

Why does my life go so wrong? 

Does that sound familiar? And does it feel like YOU? Have you ever considered the possibility of unknowingly living and acting against your predestined purpose? 

Telling yourself that you should be like others? Hmmm…worth a thought? I have found that there are significant personality traits for possible agents of change. 

This is someone that is striving to create a better future, not just for themselves, but for the world around them. One of the first traits, and arguably the most important, is that of having a clear vision. 

Plus self-transcendence. 

And I will talk about the importance of self-transcendence in another article. Agents of Destiny must be able to accurately see the end result of their so-called journey, and they must be able to communicate this easily with others. If they change the path to reach their vision too often or too suddenly, it might scare away others who were interested in joining them and helping strive towards that common purpose. 

Next, an agent of change must be patient and persistent. Rome was neither built nor destroyed in a day, and change will not happen overnight. 

You must have the guts to transport if not advertise your cause in a way that makes it seem important to people, and one that might spread out a broader meaning. Persistence will come when others start to waver. 

Without immediate results, those in support of your idea may come and go. 

By standing strong in the face of adversity will you be able to convince others to do the same and bring about necessary change. And this little article is just an appetiser for so much more that’s coming your way. 

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