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15 Feb

We’ve heard it all before. That phrase so easily flung about. 

Stand by your values! 

But, really, what does it mean? A value is a rule we, personally, view as the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, should and shouldn’t. 

It is the inherent thought that we, ideally, base many, if not all of our actions and decisions on. We stand by your values. And, we don’t break the ethics code. 

But, what is an ethics code? 

It’s simple, really. It is a set of rules of conduct that society as a whole is expected to follow. Again, ideally. The question is: can we follow and act on both? Is it possible to uphold our personal ethics and our values? 

Some people don’t think so. Worse, some people tend to consider both of these things a luxury. They claim that their dogmatic values don’t connect with others; that there is a conflict. Because these other, more personal values do not serve them. Because these other ethics do not sit so comfortable with selfish expectations. 

They use these words, those statements, as a reason to fling self-righteousness about as if it could go out of fashion soon. 

This is not what it means to have and stand by your values. A proper personal ethics code is not something that can be twisted and touted around, simply to match your ambitions or cast you in better favor. 

In today’s society, values are an ever-broadening thing. Good and bad can grow muddled, and such conflicts can easily darken our views. It’s a cycle that will be hard pressed to be broken, in this age of entitlement and obscurity. 

So what can be done about it? 

Start by reviewing your own values, and how well you keep to your ethics code. Do you find yourself questioning, or even breaking it to farther fit in with those around you with weaker spirits? 

Do you let your thoughts be influenced by snide comments that others may fling around? That’s human nature. 

Take five minutes-ten minutes-and sit down somewhere quiet and peaceful. Breathe in deep and think about the blessings and luxuries that you’ve been given, and, which you sometimes considered being bent, if not broken completely. 

But they are valid. Ask yourself, how can I be the best 'real' me? 

How can I strengthen my values and better stick to my own personal set of ethics? 

The answer is unique to you. Once you have found it, hold onto it. Because you can, and you should. The fact that you ask this good and important question shows that you are both willing and able to uphold personal ethics and values. 

To give up on either of them would mean a great set back to your unique purpose. 

And a loss for your Destiny.