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15 Feb

How do we know who we truly are? 

We have been conforming to social standards and ways of behaving for far too many years. 

Since we are born right through to adulthood, we are told how to act, and there are all these expectations about what we can and cannot do and say. Or even think. This makes it difficult to find out who we are and what the best road to take in life is. 

As a result, we look around, and often towards successful, beautiful and rich people for a blueprint to life. However, as we will discover here, this is not the wisest option. Instead, we should choose to let our own best choices and our own ideal of Destiny guide us. 

Why Do We Try To Be Like Other People? 

Humans have a natural need to associate with a group. After all, we are social animals. The need and enjoyment of belonging to a group can be seen in lots of areas of life. 

From supporting sports teams together to the type of passport we have. It is this desire to fit-in that is influential in why we try to be like other people. If we want to join a group and be accepted as its member, we must conform to the other members’ behaviors. 

We often might have to speak the same, act the same or even wear the same colors. In doing this, we can quickly become a clone of the others, one of many. 

However, this should not be looked on entirely negatively. As humans, many of us need this feeling of belonging and inclusion to achieve a feeling of belonging and prevent certain aspects of loneliness. 

It is how far we push this need to be someone else, instead of letting our very own narrative prevail, that can cause issues. 

Why You Should Not Be Someone Else 

Have you ever been mid-way through one of your Netflix or Youtube binges and decided that you are going to copy the hairstyle or dress sense of the lead character or the style of an influencer? 

Many of us may do that at some point, whether it’s a big screen star, a celebrity or even just a friend or relative. 

We go on to book ourselves in for a new hairstyle or take ourselves for some retail therapy, but when we try on our new clothes or jump in front of the mirror – it’s not the same. We are still not them. 

For several reasons, other peoples’ looks or ideas don’t always work for us, and identifying that can even involve frustration and melancholy. 

Well, those feelings are just a snippet of what happens when we try and live our lives in someone else’s mold. 

Trying to be someone we're not will not make us happy

In fact, it can do the very opposite. It can turn into misery and suffering. If we try to follow other people’s paths instead of our own for reasons outside of our authentic wishes, we'll surrender to live a life that we will regret further down the line. 

If you instead want to pursue your cherished interests but went to the bar instead because it would preserve your social status, you are denying yourself something you would really enjoy for the sake of other people’s perceptions. 

Ultimately, it’s about proactively taking opportunities to be yourself. 

Let Your Destiny Guide You 

We have to offer ourselves the fair chance to be guided along our very own path by our future. 

Don't deny it to yourself. Instead, go for it. Don't refuse the chance for personal development and the opportunity to discover your unique gift that could shape the rest of your life. 

Step right outside your comfort zone, accept the great adventure to go down the path of your very own Destiny and find your true self, because... you might just thrive! 

And, what if you thrive, indeed? 

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