Destinosophy — the Wisdom of Destiny, is Helena Lind's mind — and soul child, her magnum opus of many years. Meet the creator and non-fiction writer who defies all odds by standing up against prejudice, discrimination, and injustice.

She is an unapologetic advocate of the seminal concepts of Destiny — reloaded.

And yes, Helena Lind writes Destiny with a capital D.

Why? Well, you can find out soon in her much anticipated non-fiction book about the History of Destiny throughout the ages. Watch this space for latest updates on the progress of Helena’s publication.

Lind grew up in the heart of Europe during the 1960s. The challenges of her multi-cultural and poly-religious background, as well as a tough youth, rendered her perceptive and resilient at an early age.

As a small girl, she stood up against her father’s brutality and religious demands. She went on to reject participation in any organization or system throughout her unconventional life.

In her early years, Helena was an introverted tomboy who had no desire to attend school, while she always studied privately.

Lind's grandfather, a distinguished journalist who opposed the Nazis and supported the British and American forces, saw the potential and the bravery in her Nile color eyes. He encouraged Helena to follow her path, work hard and help others.

She loved Destiny. And Destiny loved her back.

Helena has found success in several careers. She's enjoyed many ups, and she's mastered the downs in her life. Protean comeback kid Helena has made her way through tough times.

Since she was a little girl they told her she could never be successful in any meaningful, let alone a creative field, and she became an international creator, producer and entrepreneur, a holistic management consultant and trend predictor*. 

Since 2017 she focusses almost entirely on her 3rd act career as a writer. Privately, Lind is a pro bono mentor and guardian for unfairly treated individuals.

A severe car accident changed her path in 1992. Still, Lind never gave up, despite her injuries and ensuing health issues, and despite being written off as incurable by the medical profession and her industry… and then some.

She was declared 100% disabled for life. But to no avail.

Lind, and Destiny, obviously, had other plans, and whatever obstacles arose — these simply failed to stop her.

I always knew, that I am not destined to roll over. So, instead, I bathed in platinum and moved on.”

— Helena Lind

Against all odds, Lind recovered enough to develop several new directions.

Today, she invites her readers to dip into her unique views, inspired by her living philosophy of ancient and modern Destiny.

Destinosophy is a non-doctrinal, spiritual alternative to everything you may believe, or, what you were told to accept.

Destinosophy is an empowering way to actualize yourself while making a real difference in people’s lives.

The ultimate goal of Helena Lind's life is to empower others and spread strength and purpose wherever she goes.

Now more than ever before.

Get ready for Lind's thought provoking Destiny book and her unique essays and op-eds, addressing the opportunities and challenges of the world around you from her liberating perspective.

* Helena Lind does not accept management clients at present.